Line 1 Metro CDMX, ask for understanding due to increase in transfer in RTP

Line 1 Metro CDMX, ask for understanding due to increase
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In the second phase of works of the Line 1 of the Mexico City Metro (CDMX), The Mobility Secretariat (Semovi), under the command of Andrés Lajous, put the operation into action. emerging transport with RTP to provide service to users.

This service is operating with 200 buses in the new marked routes for the transfer of users at the Observatorio and Tacubaya terminals that connect to three lines 1, 7 and 9 of the Meterin addition to Pantitlán, Salto del Agua and other stations under renovation.

Since 5 in the morning, the support service for Metro Line 1 has been operating with 200 buses from the passenger transport network. The service begins in Observatorio in the direction of Pantitlán and users can get off at Pino Suárez. In the opposite direction, that is, towards Observatorio, they get off the Metro at Isabel La Católica and the service makes all the stops until they reach the terminal,” said Andrés Lajous, Secretary of Mobility of the CDMX.

In the Modal Transfer Center Tacubaya CETRAMthe head of Semovi carried out a supervision tour to verify that the user support service is being carried out in accordance with the mobility logistics implemented.

Increases travel time on Metro Line 1

Andres Lajous commented that for this second stage of support for Metro Line 1, in the safety of the more than 200 thousand users who use the service every day, elements of the Capital Police and National Guard.

We have Transit personnel at all intersections and points that may be conflictive, additionally, in terms of security, all the personnel that are normally in the PBI metro stations, and the Auxiliary Police are now outside at the various points serving to users and at some key points we also have support from the National Guard,” the official added.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of Mobility He asked for understanding and solidarity from Metro users since he understands that his transfer times increased between 20 and 30 minutes more than normal .

Obviously it is not as fast to move by bus as to move by Metro, that is why we greatly appreciate the understanding and solidarity of the users, we understand the impact, but the objective is to improve the Metro service with the modernization work that is being started today. today on Metro Line 1,” Lajous concluded.


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