Lili Estefan rides in a convertible and shows off her good company on Valentine’s Day


Lili Estefan is seen happy in Miami.

Photo: Gustavo Caballero. /Getty Images

One night before celebrating the Valentine’s Day, Lili Estefan, presenter of El Gordo and La Flaca, walked in her convertible and showed off her good company that it was nothing more than some giant red bears. One in front and one in the back were in the convertible car of La Flaca, the favorite of Hispanic television.

“Happy day of love and friendship my beautiful people !!!! me last night strolling through Miami very well accompanied. Happy Valentines my people beautifulaaaaaaa ”, was the message that she posted Lili Estefan from El Gordo and La Flaca he wrote in the video he posted on his Instagram account where showed off the good company he had the night before Valentine’s Day from his convertible while driving through the streets of Miami. Without a doubt, there is no better humor than that of the presenter of Univision.

After having been in the middle of the controversy over the arrest of the former producer of The fat and the skinnyEnrique Albis and having read the press release from Univision In this sense, in which they make it very clear that they will not tolerate or support any type of abuse towards any woman, La Flaca continued to show off her good humor and sang: “I need a Vacation”. This very close to his partner Raul de Molinawho did not peel it and continued to be on his cell phone.

On the other hand, Lili Estefan received roses at the door of his house from his dear friend Dariel Hernández, who is a master of flowers and who always pampers La Flaca. So the Valentine’s Day and friendship could not go under the table for Lili. “Ready for Valentine’s Day, I’m happy to wake up with flowers. What a surprise (you were one day ahead of me but better!!!!! ) I love youoooooo @thestorytellerflower I wish you a HAPPY DAY OF LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP! ”, Wrote the presenter of The fat and the skinny.

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