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He Paris Saint-Germain prevailed 2-1 in his commitment to Toulouse thanks to long-distance shots by the Argentine Lionel Messi and the moroccan Achraf Hakimiwhere the Parisians had to come back despite their numerous casualties.

The flashes of the psg in it Princes Park so that the box Christopher Galtier with an initial frame where Carlos Soler and Fabian Ruiz took on greater prominence after the absence of kylian mbappe, Neymar Jr. and Sergio Ramos due to injury, and Marco Verrattisanctioned.

In addition, they came up against a goal from the visitors that complicated the panorama for them, but they were able to overcome in an important duel, since despite the victory achieved in montpellier on Wednesday, previous setbacks between the reims and the State Rennes they brought doubts to the champion and even complicated his leadership of the table.

Paris added his second win in a row in a match it resulted in a goal hit, unbalanced by the score by Leowho with a left-footed shot, still, in the crescent, beat the visiting goalkeeper.

On the first and practically only occasion that he had Toulousedirected by Philippe Montanier, he took advantage of it. In a free kick, from outside the area, perfectly placed by Branco Van den Boomen to the twenty minutesthe visitors put the people of the capital in trouble.

However, from then on psg cornered his rival and Messi assumed responsibility and leadership, although it was achraf who equalized the duel. The Moroccan received a ball on the right wing, from where he drove and from the apex dared a flawless shot who beat Maxime Dupe.

The goal calmed down the team Galtierwho faced the second part with another perspective.

It was not until minute 58′ that the genius of Messi sealed the match. The Argentinian received the assistance of achraf in the crescent, from where static picked up the ball with sendo left-handed who snuck in from the right side for the 2-1.

With victory the psg recovered his level despite injuries and remains in the top of the First Division of French soccer.

(With information from EFE)

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