Liga MX: Paunovic assures that Chivas has not reached its ceiling

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The Serbian-Spanish Veljko Paunoviccoach of Chivas del Guadalajara, assured that his team has not yet reached its ceiling in the Apertura 2023 tournament of the MX League.

In a press conference after the victory, 2-0, against Necaxathe Serbian DT declared.

We have to take very good care of ourselves, take care of what we have achieved, pamper those relationships we have in the dressing room. We have to have our feet firmly on the ground, the competition goes by quickly and in a mistake you can be left behind, that is not going to happen with us, I am not going to allow it.

Chivas, runner-up in the league, defeated 'Rayo' at home with goals from Fernando Beltran and jesus brigido, on the third day of the Opening. And they get their third consecutive victory in the same number of games, Guadalajara remains in the lead with nine points.

Paunovic admitted that the team did not start the duel against Necaxa well, but managed to overcome the mistakes thanks to the fact that it has improved in the elaboration of plays and that resulted in the two goals.

The strategist affirmed that in the next sessions he will focus on improving the physical and tactical aspect so that all the players are ready and can face the string of international commitments that they will play in the following four weeks.

What I want now is to get more out of the guys who aren't playing; both because we are going to need in these competitions and in so many games that we are going to play that everyone is ready and fit and urgently prepared when the alarm goes off or when it is each one's turn to contribute.

The rojiblanco team will have a break in the Mexican tournament to participate in the League Cupwhich will bring together the clubs from Major League Soccer and Liga MX on July 21 and August 19.

Paunovic assured that they will face the Leagues Cup as an opportunity to improve the variants of the squad and with the mentality of being the first to win this competition.

We are going to dare to think of being the first team to win that tournament, we are going to give it the utmost importance, it is a short competition, really possible, very attractive and we are going to go for it and give it our all.

Before leaving for the United States, Chivas will receive the Athletic Bilbao in the second leg of Gernika Tree Trophythe next Sunday.

(With information from EFE)

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