Liga MX: Pachuca sweeps América at the Azteca Stadium | Video

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What a nightmare the 'Ame' suffered...

Pachuca swept 0-3 at America this saturday in Aztec stadium, duel valid for the tenth day of the Clausura 2023 Tournament of the Liga MX. Nothing went right for the Eagles on a night where the public turned against the local goalkeeper Oscar Jimenez from the start of the duel and most of the fans left the Colossus of Santa Úrsula before the final whistle.

On the part of the Tuzos, Eduardo "Chofis" Lopez opened the scoring at minute 3, Jesus Hernandez scored at 10 'and Roberto de la Rosa he scored at 28 '; meanwhile, the goals for the Eagles were the work of… at the minute…

The duel began openly with dangerous chances for both teams, before the first minute of the match was completed the two teams had already stepped into the rival area.

With only 3 minutes played in the game, the Tuzos stepped into the area of ​​the premises with danger and thanks to a great assistance from De la Rosa, 'Chofis' Lopez He was left alone in front of the goal and with a powerful shot he beat goalkeeper Jiménez to give the visitors the advantage on the scoreboard.

After the goal, América did not give up and went looking for an equalizer. While the locals tried to do damage with crosses and shots from medium distance, Pachuca expected to do damage with the counter.

At minute 10, the visitors found space, again, and with a couple of passes they reached the rival area. Aviles Hurtado received the ball a few meters from Jiménez's goal and with a filtered pass he found Jesus Hernandezwho did not miss the opportunity and with a cross shot scored the second of the night.

Six minutes later, a header from Israel Reyes that ended up in the networks but was annulled by the hand of the azulcrema player. 120 seconds later, another one from the locals arrived, diego valdez he went alone in front of goalkeeper Ustari and beat him with a good shot, but it was canceled again by the whistler due to offside.

When América seemed better on the field, Pachuca created a play from the defensive zone, which with several quick and successful touches ended up on the outskirts of the rival area. Jiménez rejected the first shot but the ball was left alone in front of the goal and Roberto de la Rosa He scored the third of the night at 28 '.

After passing through the changing rooms, the story continued the same: Tuzos creating danger over Jiménez's goal. With only three minutes played in the second half, the first wake-up call for the local defense came after they Kevin Alvarez He will finish only inside the area.

As the minutes passed, América began to settle on the field and began to control possession of the ball; However, a defense of four very well stopped by the visitors stopped the danger of the blue creams.

Subsequently, the game cooled down and scoring chances became few. Thus, the game of the tenth day of the Clausura 2023 ended.

With this result, Pachuca adds 19 points and is in third place in the general table; while America It has 17 units and occupies the sixth position.

A couple of hours before Lion defeated 2-0 at Atlético San Luis at the León Stadium; Monterey and juarez were measured at the same time as Águilas and Tuzos, striped took the win, 3-0, at home; in the last meeting this Saturday Guadalajara and Saints Lagoon They will meet at Akron Stadium.

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