Liga MX: Guerreros and Rayados forget the goals | Video

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A lot of intensity, but without goals.

Saints Lagoon was unable to capitalize on his local status by drawing goalless with Monterey, first leg match for the Quarterfinals of the Closing Tournament 2023 of Liga MXheld this Wednesday at the Corona TSM Stadium.

The lagoon squad, thirteenth in the general classification, will seek to give the big bell at the home of the super leader this Saturday, when this tie is defined in the BBVA Stadium, where those led by Victor Manuel Vucetich part as wide favorites to seal your ticket to semifinals.

Quarterfinals / First Leg
Santos Laguna 0-0 Monterrey
Stadium: Corona TSM
Referee: Luis Enrique Santander

Saints Lagoon
Carlos Acevedo
Felix Torres
Omar Fields
Raúl López (Yellow, 87 ')
alan cervantes
aldo lopez
(Lucas Gonzalez, 89')
Emerson Rodriguez
(Cecilio Domínguez, 77′)
Diego Medina
(Jair Gonzalez, 77')
Harold Preciado
(Marcelo Correa, 72′)
Juan Brunetta
DT: Pablo Repetto

Stephen Andrada
Hector Moreno
Víctor Guzmán (Yellow, 64 ')
(Erick Aguirre, 79')
Jesus Gallardo (Yellow, 88 ')
Stefan Medina
celso ortiz
(Omar Govea, 84′)
louis romo
alfonso gonzalez
(Jordi Cortizo, 69')
Maximilian Meza
(Duván Vergara, 69') (Yellow, 90+1')
Rogelio Funes Mori
(Rodrigo Aguirre, 69')
German Berterame
DT: Victor Manuel Vucetich

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