Liga MX Femenil: Tigres leads América by the minimum in the first leg final | Video

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Tigers of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León They imposed themselves 1-0 to Women's America in the first leg of the Grand Final of the Opening Tournament of the Liga MX Femenilin the match played from the Aztec stadium From Mexico City.

Friday night marked a historic milestone for women's soccer, breaking the attendance record in the category with 52,654 fans in the stands of the Colossus of Santa Úrsula.

The Amazon they fulfilled the task and were able to take advantage of their main scoring chance thanks to a great individual effort that appeared in the second half of the match. Although nothing has been decided yet, Tigres' advantage may be an indication of their fifth championship in the category dominated by the royals.

The game started with a great pace but it would not take more than 10 minutes to stabilize and become much more defensive. Al 17′the first appeared controversy of the meeting after Kiana Palacios will make a strong plate that required review by the VAR to determine severity. Fortunately for those at home, Palacios alone he received a yellow card and was saved from early expulsion.

At 25 'the tigresses lost one of their leaders, Bianca Sierra, due to injury after his knee was locked in a sweep, giving entrance to Natalie Villares. The game remained defensive in the last minutes of the meeting, with some arrivals but without force for either party.

However, just two minutes after the break, at 47 ', the Azteca fell silent when Jacqueline Ovalle 'La Maga'top scorer of the tournament, did her thing again and beat Itzel González in the goal with a long-distance shot to give the Amazons the 1-0 advantage.

America everything was played for everything in the last minutes but was unable to beat the defense of the neoleonenses who escaped from the Nido de Aguilas with a important advantage ahead of the final leg that will be played Monday at 8:00 p.m.central Mexico time, in the UANL University Stadium from Nuevo Leon.

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