Liga MX Femenil: Chivas and América give a celebration of goals in the first leg Semifinal | Video

Liga MX Femenil: Chivas and América give a celebration of
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Alicia Cervantesthe championship's leading scorer, scored two goals this Thursday and rescued a 2-2 draw from the Chivas de Guadalajara before him Americain the Semifinal first leg of the Apertura 2023 tournament Liga MX Femenilplayed at Akron Stadium.

The azulcremas led by the Spanish Ángel Villacampa took advantage with scores from Katty Martinez at minute 2 and Alison González Ten minutes later, and the Chivas, led by Argentine strategist Antonio Spinelli, responded with goals from Cervantes.

America gave Chivas a dance in the first half. At the 2nd minute, Martínez scored his 132nd goal in the league after connecting with a header with a serve from Monserrat Saldívar.

Ten minutes later, a right-footed shot by González, after having left Jaqueline Rodríguez's mark along the way.

The Eagles maintained their momentum against a disorganized opponent. At 15', goalkeeper Blanca Félix made a timely save and avoided the visitors' third goal, after a shot by Kiana Palacios.

In the rest of the first half, Guadalajara had a hard time connecting and stopped the rival attack as best it could.

Chivas reacted in the second half, in which they stood up well in defense, won in order and in the 53rd minute they pulled one back with a goal from Cervantes from a penalty.

The locals continued ahead and in the 83rd minute they tied with Cervantes' second goal, his 129th in the league, from a pass from Carolina Jaramillo.

The two teams went on the attack, but they lacked more forcefulness and they signed the tie. The second leg of the Semifinal will be played next Sunday at the Azteca Stadium.

For their part, Tigres and Monterrey are playing for the other ticket to the Grand Final of national women's soccer. The first leg is this Friday and the return leg will be played on Monday.

(With information from EFE)

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