Liga MX Femenil asks the senate not to approve equal pay

Liga MX Femenil asks the senate not to approve equal
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Mariana Gutiérrez, president of the Liga MX Femenildelivered this Wednesday a letter to the Senate of the Republicemphatically requesting that the approval of equal pay was stoppedAt least for now.

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Which It has been a constant struggle since the start of the Liga MX Femenil a little over five years agothe aspiration and the objective that the wage gap between men and women narrowsironically could end up sentencing the end of the women's championship in Mexicoand if this law is approved It could seriously affect the finances of the clubs and put the continuity of the women's circuit at well as some other problems for national football.

The Equal Pay in Sports initiative would put the financial viability of the women's tournament at risk, said Gutiérrezin the document he sent that if the initiative is approved It would represent an increase of 43% in club spendingregarding Closing 2023.

Due to this increase, the Liga MX Femenil would become unviable and would end the dream of playing soccer for millions of women... We want to move forward together in fulfilling the common objective of achieving a more robust Liga MX Femenil. Therefore, we request to open a space for dialogue to find the most effective formula that meets the objective of the Legislature and the industry so that everyone is strengthened with this initiative," the letter mentions.

According to the data provided by the president of the organization, Currently the Liga MX Femenil allocates around 191 million pesos in salary for the playersamount that would increase significantly with the reforms to the General Labor Law for a total of 273 million pesosan amount that would make the tournament unviable.

Along with the economic challenges that this implies, The bid to host the World Cup could also be at risk. of the specialty in 2027.

"We view the proposed route with concern because it has serious risks, both for the current financial viability of the Liga MX Femenil, which would see its continuity compromised, and for what the eventual loss of the 2026 World Cup and the proposal for the 2027 Women's World Cup means," is mentioned in the text.


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