Liga MX: Chivas meets Águilas in the Semifinals | Video

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Chivas won… à la Atlas!

Guadalajara got the last ticket at Semifinals of the Closing Tournament 2023 of Liga MXafter winning by an agonizing score 1-0 against Atlasto equalize the aggregate score 1-1 and move round, thanks to his better position in the general table, return match held this Sunday before a great entry into the Akron Stadium.

The pool goal for the rojiblanco team fell to the complementary part, thanks to a service from Alexis Vega and finish off with the head of Gilberto Sepulveda at minute 60.

With this result, Chivas, under the command of Veljko Paunovic, will have the opportunity to settle outstanding accounts with Americabut now for a place in the Grand Final.

The goal of the rojiblanco team fell on a corner kick from the left, charged by Alexis Vega to the heart of the athletic girl area, where he appeared Gilberto Sepulveda to finish off with a header and beat the Colombian goalkeeper Camilo Vargas.

At the end of regulation time, Atlas went all out in search of the qualifying goal, but he crashed into a wall called Miguel Jimenez, whose saves, as well as the post, avoided a tragedy in the rojiblanco fiefdom.

Closing Tournament 2023
Quarterfinals / Second Leg
Guadalajara 1-0 Atlas (agg: 1-1)
Stadium: Akron
Referee: Victor Alfonso Cáceres
1-0 (60 ').- Gilberto Sepúlveda

Miguel Jimenez
Antonio Briseno
Gilberto Sepulveda
Fernando Gonzalez
(Alan Torres, 45′)
jesus orozco
Alan Mozo
Fernando Beltrán (Yellow, 65 ')
(Ronaldo Cisneros, 77′)
Robert Alvarado
(Alejandro Mayorga, 84')
Alexis Vega
Isaac Brizuela
(Pável Pérez, 77') (Yellow, 90+6')
Victor Guzman
(Sergio Flores, 84')
DT: Veljko Paunovic

Camilo Vargas
Gaddi Aguirre (Yellow, 34')
(Christopher Trejo, 90+1′)
Hugo Nervo
Louis Reyes
Diego Zaragoza
Aldo Rocha
Angel Marquez
(Edgar Zaldivar, 8')
Brian Lozano (Yellow, 48')
(Mauro Manotas, 79')
Jonathan Herrera
Julius Furch
Julian Quinones
DT: Benjamin Mora

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