Life expectancy in Mexico is 5 years less than the rest of the OECD countries

Life expectancy in Mexico is 5 years less than the
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Living in Mexico represents a life expectancy of 75 years on average, five years lower than the rest of the 34 countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) according to a report on the organization's health systems.

The document also indicates that in the country only 72% of the population can access health servicesin contrast to the 97.9% average of the organization, to which Chile, Costa Rica and Colombia also belong in Latin America.

However, 57% of people are satisfied with the availability of quality medical care, although this is below the average for OECD countries, which reaches 67%.

According to the report, Mexico is "worse" in almost all indicatorsexcept four:

  • Lower level of smoking.
  • Less alcohol consumption.
  • Lower mortality from suicide.
  • Good influenza vaccination coverage in adults over 65 years of age.

Regarding tobacco consumption, the prevalence is 8.6% lower than the country average of the OECD, while alcohol consumption is 5.1 liters per capita against 8.6 liters of the average.

Regarding overweight and obesity, it maintains high levels, with 36% of the population, while the average is 25.7%.

Meanwhile, the average "out-of-pocket expenditure" on health is 41.4% of the total resources allocated to this area, while the average is 18.4%.

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Mexico has a deficiency in vaccination of minors: OECD

On the other hand, there are deficiencies in aspects such as vaccination in children, which is at a level of 83.4%far from 93.5% of the OECD average, while maternal mortality is 59.1 per 100 thousand births, when the average is 10.9.

Regarding investment in health as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP), The average in the OECD is 9.2%, while in Mexico it reaches just 5.5%.

The report highlights that Mexico spend 31 thousand 668 pesos per capita in healthwhich is less than the average of OECD countries, which is located in 87 thousand 181 Mexican pesos per capita.

Furthermore, there are 2.5 doctors and 2.9 nurses per thousand inhabitants, in contrast to the average of 3.7 and 9.2, respectively.

In addition to this, it has one medical bed per thousand inhabitants, while the average is 4.3 in countries of the organization.


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