Licha Cervantes surpasses 100 goals in victory for Chivas Femenil

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Guadalajara Femenil won 2-0 against León at home in the match that allowed Alicia Cervantes to become historic by reaching 100 goals as a red and white player and 122 in the total tally of the forward.

Antonio Spinelli's squad was aggressive from the beginning of the match and with eleven minutes on the clock, Licha He drove into the area, crossing to the far post, beating the goalkeeper one-on-one. emerald that was left lying, while the 24th jacket of the Guadalajara posed sideways on the grass near the corner kick celebrating the 100 goals with the Flock.

At 55' Caro Jaramillo recovered the ball by sending the center that Licha let bounce and overcoming the defensive two to one he defined from the right to make it 2-0 in favor of Chivas, the forward for her part adding her fifth double of the tournament.

At 75' León tried with Isabela Esquivias to reach the goal but the timely exit of Blanca Félix prevented the play from progressing, given the lack of opportunities. the visitors concentrated on defending.

In general, the Esmeraldas showed few options, with little clarity and even with a slow pace on the field, which could be the result of the tight schedule they have had in the last 4 dates. since September 30 they have played a match every four days.

Applauded by the fans, Alicia Cervantes came off the bench in the 85th minute with her personal goal achievedin addition to ensuring the victory that gave his team a place in the league and reaffirms it among the three best clubs in this tournament.


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