Libya captures an Islamic State leader for 2018 attacks on various institutions in Tripoli

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Libya's unity prime minister, Abdul Hamid Dbeibé, has announced the capture of an Islamic State leader who allegedly planned and directed three attacks in 2018 in Tripoli against various institutions in the country. Dbeibé explained that the security forces managed to carry out the arrest on Tuesday afternoon, which took place during a security operation in the Libyan city of Tajura, in the north of the country and only 25 kilometers from the capital, reports the daily 'Al Wasat'. "We resolutely confront terrorism in all its forms and prosecute anyone whose involvement in crimes and incidents in this regard has been proven against the Libyan people. We promote stability, development and the return of life to all parts of Libya," The prime minister has declared, who has not given details about the detainee. However, he has taken the opportunity to highlight "the firm response to terrorism", emphasizing that his government "has been working from day one" to give stability to the country and to both military and security institutions. Suspected Islamic State militants carried out an attack on the headquarters of the Libyan National Electoral Commission in May 2018, in an action that killed at least 14 people. Months later, in September, at least two people died and ten were injured in a suicide attack against the headquarters of the National Oil Company. Later that year, in December, the Libyan authorities reported an attack on the Libyan Foreign Ministry headquarters, carried out by three Islamic State militants who died during the assault, which resulted in at least two fatalities. The attack began with the explosion of a car bomb that gave way to the entrance of the militants, who opened fire on the guards. Islamic State has been active in Libya since the uprising that toppled the Gaddafi regime in 2011. The terror group seized control of the coastal city of Sirte in 2015, but lost it in 2016 to an offensive by local forces backed by the Islamic State. American war aviation.

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