Lía Limón withdraws from the candidacy for the Front; goes with Taboada in unity

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The mayor of Álvaro Obregón, Lía Limón, announced this day that he is getting out of the internal conflict of the Wide Front through Mexico Cityto the Head of Government in 2024.

Five days after presenting a request to the capital's Congress to separate from office for 15 days, after last October 31, the congressmen, led by Morena and allied parties, denied her a first request for a license, this Saturday Lía Limón reported in his X account, that “will keep his word” and will support the appointment of Santiago Taboada, as a “unity candidate”, to lead the internal race of the Frene, in the country's capital.

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Furthermore, he said, he will decisively support Xóchilt Gálvez in the search for the Presidency of the Republic.

“I am an institutional woman and I know how to join in when it has to be done. It is clear that we are not in a democratic situation and that we face the risk of a State election as was demonstrated the day they denied my license," he said, pointing out in a video message uploaded on that social network that this forces the opposition to come out united “and hand in hand with the citizens”

“Unity is the most important thing to face the coming conflict and fight for respect for institutions and our democratic life,” he emphasized.

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He added that, upon the call of Xóchitl Gálvez, to leave personal interests and join the project that he leads for the benefit of our country “From here I tell Xóchitl that I will walk hand in hand with her and with the broad front through Mexico City, where we have shown that we know how to govern,” he emphasized.

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