LGTBIQ+ Pride parade held in Madrid, Spain | News

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Thousands of people marched this Saturday through the streets of Madrid, capital of Spain, to close the activities for LGTBIQ+ Pride month 2023, to demand the rights to sexual diversity and respect for equality and inclusion in the face of the advance of the political right in that country.


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Under the motto 'For our rights, for our lives, for Pride', the marchers gathered at 7:00 p.m. (local time) and went to the Plaza de Colón, where the LGTBIQ+ 2023 Pride manifesto was read.

The text calls for the fight for rights and against hate crimes, the streamlining of agile and homogeneous adoption processes, agile resolutions of parental authority for foster care, recognition of multi-parenthood, non-binary paternity and maternity.

Likewise, the Spanish activists demanded equal policies for female couples, equal rights for LGTBIQ+ families and that family diversity be reflected in all educational cycles, without attacks on the childhoods of LGTBIQ+ families.

During the demonstration, the president of the State Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Transsexuals, Bisexuals, Intersex and more (FELGTBIQ+), Uge Sangil, explained that given the political context in which the European Union is experiencing, it is necessary to celebrate and defend rights.

“In our model of society we all fit. In others, no. So we encourage citizens to mobilize on July 23 and go out with the same enthusiasm. Today we are going to celebrate rights, but we are also going to defend them. Because rights are conquered, celebrated and defended and we are not going to take a step back, ”she stressed.

As guests, three members of the current Spanish Government participated, the second and third vice presidents, Yolanda Díaz and Teresa Ribera, respectively, and the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, who played an active role in the approval of the state LGTB+ law.

However, Europe is experiencing the heyday of far-right social movements, with political parties such as Vox in the case of Spain, which have a homophobic and denigrating discourse of the LGTBI+ movement, with a view to the general elections on July 23.

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