LGBT+ groups endorse support for Clara Brugada; calls to defend rights won in CDMX

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In the country's capital, it cannot and will not be allowed to take “even a step back” in the rights gained in matters of sexual diversitywarned the candidate to coordinate the Committees for the Defense of Transformation in Mexico City, Clara Brugada.

Love has no gender, said Brugada Molina, when leading a meeting with members of the LGBTTTIQ+ community before whom he committed to maintaining, defending, and “enforcing what has been achieved” in the Constitution of Mexico City, to eliminate any type of discrimination based on sexual identity or preference.

From the Kiosk of the Central mall, in the Central Zone, in the Cuauhtémoc Mayor's Office, before dozens of members of the gay and trans communityBrugada Molina guaranteed to work “hard” for a City that “remain inclusive and diverse.”

He said that the leftist governments in the city “We must continue to guarantee equal marriage for people of sexual diversity and promote relationships free of stereotypes and violence. “Love has no gender”he stressed.

Also, Clara Brugada called to eradicate conversion therapies

“Eradicate and continue to sanction any type of anti-rights therapy that promotes hatred, discrimination and the normalization of violence. May anyone feel proud of being who they are and be able to love without fear,” she said.

Here is the trans resistance, here is the trans resistance” the attendees responded, expressing the fighting phrase that characterizes them.

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In the event representatives of trans groups and the LGBTTTQi+ community They reaffirmed their support for Clara to head the Transformation Defense committees in Mexico City.

They considered that Clara Brugada's support for members of the community with medical services in the UTOPÍAS in Iztapalapa and “their actions to end violence and discrimination against diversity,” They will accompany the licensed mayor in her movement, until she becomes the coordinator of the Defense Committees towards 2024 in Mexico City.

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“Until resistance becomes customary, the Route is Clear, Here is trans resistance” stated the leaders of groups such as the Trans Collective for the Freedom of Being and Saying and the Iztapalapa Trans Women Collective.

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