Lewis Hamilton drops out of the Formula 1 championship: “I’m out of the championship for sure, there’s no doubt about that”


Lewis Hamilton has had a miserable 2022 Formula 1 season. In the last Imola Grand Prix he was in 13th position and he also left one of the scenes when on lap 40 he had to move aside to make way for Max Verstappen, who won the GP this Sunday.

“Lewis, we have a blue flag for Verstappen”, was just what his engineer Bono could say before Verstappen sped by and lapped him up to secure his win. A dystopian image compared to what happened last season.

The seven-time world champion stated that it is impossible to compete and he is sure that he is out of the championship, even though the Formula 1 season is just beginning.

“I will try to recover in the best possible way, but I am out of the championship, for sure”, said the Mercedes driver. “No doubt about that. I think the team is… This is very difficult, everyone feels it and everyone is downcast, giving their best,” he said.

Mercedes CEO Toto Wolff apologized to Hamilton for the car and said they will try to improve it for the next race.

“Lewis, I want to apologize for the undrivable car we gave you today. We are going to work to improve it.” he said before the ears of half the world. “We’ll get out of this,” replied Lewis, who is in seventh position, 60 points behind the leader Leclerc.

“I can’t say that I’m particularly anxious at the moment, but I’m sure that during the week I’ll get to a positive point of mind. I’ll be at the factory tomorrow to work with the guys and see what we can do better. At least Russell got some points today for the team. So I apologize to everyone for not being able to do it”, he concluded after the race.

Despite the fact that Hamilton’s car did not meet his expectations, Rusell was able to finish in fourth position and is fourth in the World Championship, 21 points ahead. Despite this difference, Wollf says the car is not good enough.

“It’s not good enough for a World Champion, it’s not worthy of a World Champion and we just need to fix the car.” Wolff closed.

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