Let's toast to a historical link between Mexico and the United Kingdom 2023/11/06

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By Jon Benjamin*

The friendship between our countries is an inexhaustible source of cooperation.

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you some cultural aspects that unite Mexico and the United Kingdom, our countries that this month celebrated 200 years of friendship.

Today I would like to close this month of commemoration by inviting you to toast with me to our most tangible achievements in climate, political, economic, social and educational matters.

First, here's a toast to the cooperation we've had on climate. Together with 10 Mexican states, we have collaborated to create effective subnational environmental laws. In addition, we support Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey with technical assistance for the electrification and improvement of their Metrobús, Trolleybús and Cablebús units.

The approach we have had towards foreign direct investment is also the reason for our toast. In 2000, Gruma decided to open a plant in Coventry, England. So that? To make Mexican tortillas! Consequently, Gruma has become the main producer and distributor of this Mexican delicacy in the United Kingdom.

But please don't put your glass down just yet. Did you know that José Cuervo is the owner of Bushmills, the oldest licensed whiskey distillery in the world, located in the United Kingdom? That's right, we have a Mexican touch in the green hills of Northern Ireland.

Let's also drink to tourism and those who collaborate with the Mexican authorities in the prevention programs of our consular team! They ensure that the 580,000 British tourists who visit Mexico each year marvel at the landscapes and culture of this country and continue to contribute an annual income of 756 billion dollars to the Mexican State. In addition, they help make Mexico the sweet home of 15 thousand British residents.

I also celebrate our educational ties, which have been strengthened in recent years and which have a great ally in the Chevening Scholarship. In the last school year, 1,675 young Mexicans studied in the United Kingdom, which is also the sixth most visited country by Mexicans seeking to pursue postgraduate studies. Furthermore, for those seeking to pursue a master's degree abroad, my country is the second most chosen in the world by Mexicans.

Another toast goes to the actions we have carried out in terms of digital transformation, collaborating with public officials from more than 60 municipalities to improve practices and strategies in terms of data, digitalization, GovTech, new technologies and cybersecurity, based on the experiences and UK standards.

Also for our parliamentary efforts that, last year, laid the foundations for further strengthening our economic ties through the negotiations of a new free trade agreement between Mexico and the United Kingdom.

With our glass raised, I would also like to toast because the friendship between our countries is an inexhaustible source of cooperation. The historic bond we have formed has led us to achieve incredible results and has invited us to expand and explore our collaborative ambitions.

Without further ado, dear readers, here's to the past, present, and future of great growth and teamwork that awaits us!

I look forward to your comments on my X account: @JonBenjamin19, and at london.eye@fcdo.gov.uk.

Continue learning about this bilateral relationship with our participation in the Matías Romero Institute podcast!

*Ambassador of the United Kingdom in Mexico

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