Let's start by removing the thesis as a requirement

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Carlos Arturo Baños Lemoine.

Seeing is believing, my friends. Follow the media and political circus regarding the alleged plagiarism of a degree thesis by the Minister Yasmín Esquivel Mossa. Gossips say that, even, theses were already published on the plagiarism of the bachelor's thesis of Yasmin Esquivel Mossa: the worst thing is that there are three theses and all three are the same. And a thesis has just been published with the ironic title How to plagiarize a thesis with a "gender perspective". The case of Minister Yasmín Esquivel Mossa. Geez, when Mexico comes out funny, it comes out seriously.

But yeah, seriously how sad to see Mexico taking pleasure in mediocrity. Everyone is tearing their hair out for the "serious fault" of the Minister without even touching the academic rot that underlies the matter in question. Nobody, but absolutely nobody, has noticed the fact that Yasmín Esquivel Mossa is just “another brick in the wall”. To all those brainy and moralistic university students who have been outraged by the "Plagiarism of Yasmín"they have forgotten, flatly, Systems Theory: everyone sees the brick, but no one sees the wall where that brick is placed.

Some have escalated the problem only to the director of the "plagiarized thesis", a certain Martha Rodriguez Ortiz; but no one has dared to touch the entire bureaucratic structure above this professor: no one wants to look at the lack of control and supervision at the managerial level. We insist: the system is the one that is rotten. And, of course, as always the system will throw into the coals a few scapegoats drawn from the base of the bureaucratic pyramid.

The UNAM He has even already announced that, from now on, he will apply a software to detect plagiarism. And it is understood that the "Maximum House of Plagiarism", sorry, I meant the "Maximum House of Studies", does not want to apply that software retroactively… what a surprise we would surely get! How many university students would break out in a cold sweat!

And we could go further: we could apply that software to all theses from all universities across the country. And even further: we could apply that software to all academic publications from all universities across the country. How many things would come to light!

Not only multiple thesis plagiarisms would come to light, but also countless "rifles and recycling" by the "academic fauna"always eager to accumulate points for the purpose of scholarship programs, prizes, incentives and promotions.

But we still have a hard time accepting that the “university myth” is nourished, among other things, by useless paper graveyards. We must get rid of this pernicious myth, beginning by eliminating the thesis as a requirement for graduation. Let's stop wasting paper and time. Any cost benefit analysis would result in the uselessness of the thesis requirement.

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