Let’s go for a renewal of impartial advisers for the INE: Romero

The coordinator of the PAN Parliamentary Group, Jorge Romero Herrera, assured that he and his party will seek that the renewal of the four seats in the INE General Council, including its presidency, be carried out impartially for the benefit of our democracy.

In a statement, he pointed out that the PAN has been attentive to how the process has developed and expressed his enthusiasm that it is possible to reach an agreement.

“We have been attentive, from the beginning, to how the process for the renewal of the four spaces in the INE is developing, including its presidency”

He announced that in the PAN they will vote for those profiles that are impartial and that have dedicated their lives to the academic field and that demonstrate that they will defend the will of the people, expressed through voting.

“Like the high school math teacher, if you got a 5 or a 10, it’s not because the teacher liked you or didn’t like you, but because that’s what you got.

“We are not interested in sympathy, the only thing that interests us is that they are women and men who have dedicated their lives to the academic field, to the study and management of these issues seriously and who defend the will of the people, expressed through the vote”, he pointed.

The deputy added that for the election of the councilors a qualified majority is needed and that the position they will assume this week will not be to veto anyone, however, they will ensure that there are no partisan quotas involved.

“We still have a week to make the decision; Let’s remember that to choose the Directors a qualified majority is needed that the ruling party does not have, so they must sit down to negotiate.

“Our position is not to veto anyone, but to make sure that no one puts in their buddies or their quotas.”

Romero Herrera concluded by assuring that the PAN and the opposition will not allow attempts to be imposed on profiles that are not impartial, while recalling Acción Nacional’s commitment to democracy in Mexico.

“If we observe that they want to impose it on people who do not meet the impartiality requirement, it is evident that as an opposition we are not going to reach an agreement and of course we are not going to allow it.

“You are counting on me and you are counting on the PAN to guarantee that the will of the citizens in our country is respected to defend Mexico and our democracy.”

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