Let’s give it, that doesn’t pay for itself


By. Ruben Cortes

The appreciation of six out of 10 Mexicans costs the president 400 billion pesos: that he grabs from the state stock market so as not to raise the price of gasoline, and avoid a word whose use, like a whip, brought him to power: “gasolinazo”.

But those 400 billion will have to be paid one day by those six out of 10 Mexicans who support the president today. Also those who do not want it, of course. Because subsidies are bread for today and hunger for tomorrow.

In one month, the gasoline subsidy caused the State to stop collecting more than 43 billion pesos. The point is that those 43 billion, plus what is accumulated, will be taken out of our backs tomorrow, somehow.

Subsidies only generate poverty. That is why they appear poorer, although the government presumes that it spends 3.4 billion pesos on programs to eliminate poverty, especially for people included in the most unprotected sectors.

It’s like you’re out of a job, but you don’t want your friends to find out. So, to keep them liking you, you spend your savings and borrow money, and keep inviting them. The current government behaves the same way: it buys popularity.

He did the same with the Santa Lucía military airport, recently refurbished for commercial flights: while they gave it a little cat hand, the president put 224.9 million pesos for its operation, salaries and wages.

It is expensive for the Mexican nation the acceptance that the president buys by banishing the cursed word of “gasolinazo”; and say that he built an airport that has no flights or passengers, that doesn’t work, well.

Because, for example, the 400 billion that he takes out of the treasury so as not to raise the price of gasoline, is equivalent to 190 presidential planes, similar to the one that the president has been trying to sell for three and a half years and has not been able to.

Oh, and the presidential plane that it does not use and does not sell, also costs the Mexican nation an arm and a leg. Only this year it is spending 331.4 million pesos for its maintenance, without flying, only parked.

In other words, the supposed modesty of the Head of State, by refusing to get on a plane that he does not like, is also onerous. The Expenditure Budget for each year includes money to maintain that plane.

In the first two years of government, the plane cost 402 million pesos: 33 million pesos for maintenance in the United States and 83 million to bring it; and 286 million to make a raffle that was not a raffle.

What has been said: bread for today and hunger for tomorrow.

The charge To give him, that is not paid, only appeared first in El Arsenal.

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