“Let us let the peace of Christ enter our lives, houses and countries!” asks the Pope


Before imparting the blessing Urbi et Orbi This Resurrection Sunday, April 17, Pope Francis highlighted in his Easter Message that “we need the Risen Crucified to believe in the victory of love, to hope for reconciliation” and encouraged to let in “the peace of Christ in our lives, in our homes and in our countries”.

According to figures from the Italian authorities, around 100,000 people flocked to the vicinity of the Vatican this Easter Sunday for the Urbi et Orbi blessing with Pope Francis.

After briefly reflecting on the Gospel account of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Holy Father indicated that “it is not an illusion” but that “today more than ever the Easter proclamation resounds so dear to the Christian East”.

Christ was resurected! He has truly risen! Today more than ever we need Him, at the end of a Lent that does not seem to want to end. We have spent two years of pandemic, which have left deep marks. It seemed that the time had come to walk out of the tunnel together, hand in hand, gathering strength and resources. And instead, we are showing that we still do not have the spirit of Jesus in us, but we still have the spirit of Cain, who looks at Abel not as a brother, but as a rival, and thinks about how to eliminate him, “warned the Dad.

For this reason, the Pope said that “noWe need the Crucified Risen One to believe in the victory of love, to hope for reconciliation. Today more than ever we need Him, so that by putting himself in our midst he will say to us again: Peace be with you!”

“Only He can do it. Only He today has the right to announce peace to us. Only Jesus, because he bears the wounds, our wounds. Those wounds of His are doubly ours: ours because we caused them to Him, with our sins, with our hardness of heart, with fratricidal hatred; and ours because He carries them for us, he has not erased them from his glorious Body, he has wanted to preserve them, carry them with him forever, ”said the Holy Father.

Along these lines, the Pope explained that “the wounds on the Body of the risen Jesus are the sign of the struggle that He fought and won for us with the weapons of love, so that we could have peace, be at peace, live in peace”.

Peace in the world

The Holy Father then launched a call for peace in different regions of the world. First of all, he remembered the martyred Ukraine, so harshly tested by the violence and destruction of the cruel and senseless war into which it has been dragged.”

After his call for peace in Ukraine, the Pope was interrupted by the applause of the people present.

Then, the Holy Father recalled “other situations of tension, suffering and pain that affect too many regions of the world and that we cannot and must not forget.”

“On this glorious day let us ask peace for Jerusalem and peace for those who love her, Christians, Jews and Muslims. That the Israelis, the Palestinians and all the inhabitants of the Holy City, together with the pilgrims, can experience the beauty of peace, live in brotherhood and freely access the Holy Places, mutually respecting the rights of each one”, he asked. Pope.

In addition, the Holy Father requested the “peace and reconciliation in the peoples of Lebanon, Syria and Iraqand particularly in all Christian communities living in the Middle East”.

Likewise, the Pope launched a call to the peace in libya “so that it finds stability after years of tension”; in Yemen that “suffering from a conflict forgotten by all with incessant victims, may the truce signed in recent days restore hope to the population”; by reconciliation in Myanmar “where a dramatic scenario of hatred and violence endures”; for Afghanistan “where the dangerous social tensions cannot be calmed, and a dramatic humanitarian crisis is tormenting the population”.

Also, the Pontiff requested “peace throughout the African continentso that the exploitation of which he is a victim and the hemorrhage caused by the terrorist attacks – especially in the Sahel area – end, and that he finds concrete help in the brotherhood of the peoples” among them, Ethiopia, “afflicted by a serious humanitarian crisis, find again the path of dialogue and reconciliation”; on the Democratic Republic of Congo to “end the violence”; as well as those affected in the eastern part of South Africa affected by severe flooding.

Likewise, the Holy Father prayed to the risen Christ to attend “the peoples of Latin America that, in these difficult times of pandemic, have seen their social conditions worsen, in some cases, also aggravated by cases of crime, violence, corruption and drug trafficking.”

Finally, the Pope prayed so that “the Risen Lord may accompany the path of reconciliation that is being followed by the Canadian Catholic Church with indigenous peoples”. Specifically, so that “the Spirit of the Risen Christ heals the wounds of the past and disposes hearts in the search for truth and brotherhood.”

“Faced with the persistent signs of war, as in the many and painful defeats of life, Christ, the victor over sin, fear and death, exhorts us not to give up in the face of evil and violence. Let us allow ourselves to be overcome by the peace of Christ! Peace is possible, peace is necessary, peace is everyone’s main responsibility!” the Pope concluded.

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