Less waiting time on Metro passenger trains


Starting Monday, August 1, Metro trains on the Blue, Orange, and Silver lines are arriving on weekdays (Monday through Friday) every 15 minutes at their stops at the different stations in Washington, Maryland, and Virginia, equaling the frequency of the service offered on the Green and Yellow lines.

In this way, for customers the wait for a train will not last more than 5 to 8 minutes, since most stations have at least two, if not all three lines.

“Improving the service we provide to customers is how we will restore their confidence in the National Capital Region,” said Randy Clarke, Metro’s general manager and chief executive officer.

“Restoring the frequency of service to the 7000 series and providing even more transportation improvements is my focus,” added Clarke.

And in September, Metro expects to extend service improvements on the Blue, Orange and Silver lines to weekends as well, providing the same level of service, every 15 minutes, on Saturdays and Sundays.

This will give workers and visitors or others attending events and activities throughout the region an even more convenient way to get around, with the weekend rate of $2 each way anywhere you travel, Metro officials said. .

The increased availability of cars will also allow Metro to continue to run additional trains, as needed, to reduce crowding and keep trains on standby system-wide in the event a train is out of service due to unexpected maintenance issues. .

In addition, Metro has refurbished more of the 6000 series cars, increasing the total number of cars available for service. Also, repairs to the coupler, which connects rail cars, have been completed on most of the 6000-series fleet, officials said.

Metro is working to bring more 7000 series trains back into service as part of a phased approach. A key component of the plan includes the use of an automatic wheel measurement system on all six lines.

The system uses laser technology and imaging to measure the wheelsets in real time as the trains pass. The first system is installed on the Green and Yellow lines and is currently in the testing and validation phase.

The timeline for restoring more 7000-series trains through Phases 2 and 3 of Metro’s return-to-service plan depends on when automatic wheel measurements are incorporated into the inspection process, a service spokesman said.

Based on system performance, Metro will develop the next phases of the plan in consultation with critical stakeholders, including the Washington Metro Safety Commission (WMSC), which must approve the plan.

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