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Francisco Garfias.

The debate on aid to victims of Hurricane Otis in Guerrero led to personal attacks and disqualifications in the Senate.

Suddenly, what was being discussed was no longer whether a special commission was created to investigate and address the Acapulco disaster – which Morena rejected in a vote – but rather who was more supportive: the ruling party or the opposition.

The cherries stuffed their mouths in the stands, bragging that they donated a month of their diet and that the senators of the Frente Amplio did not want to donate even a day.

The senators of the opposition bloc turned out to be false. Several of them assured on the stand that they did not refuse the discounts, but they did not hide their distrust in the management of resources and said, “You are the miserable ones.”

The PAN senators, Kenia López and Lilly Téllez, had no hesitation in describing the dark-skinned people as “thieves.”


The debate took place after Mario Delgado went to the Upper House to give the “flag” to the truck that yesterday left for Acapulco loaded with aid from the senators.

The president of Morena could not stand it and in the middle of the street he gave a short speech about a lie about the opposition benches:

“They did not even want to donate a day's salary and they are the ones who are trying to profit politically from this tragedy, saying that there is no attention from the federal government, with a truly miserable attitude.”

Opponents were displeased that Delgado transformed the sending of aid into a “proselytizing act” to denigrate the legislators of the opposition bloc.

Julen Rementería, coordinator of the PAN bench, not only refuted that version of the opponents, but also made a recommendation to Delgado: “Before talking about us, wash your mouth…”

The morenos assure that the supplies that the truck carried did not come from the Collection Center that was set up in the Senate, but rather were donations from the cherry bench.

But Manuel Añorve, coordinator of the PRI, assures that the president of Morena put on someone else's hat.

“I cannot accept,” he said on the stand, “that the Senate has sent a message of solidarity to the victims of Acapulco, and that Mario Delgado simply gives a signal with a fate that we do not know.

And I asked the Board of Directors to report on the destination of the supplies from the collection center.


The debate led to personal disqualifications. The PAN member Lilly Téllez brings heat with the Moreno member Antares Vázquez. It provoked her:

“There is a Senator named Antares Vázquez, who has been speaking for something like five years on a reality show.

“And well, she is doing a show on Instagram in which she invited the entire public to follow her announcement that she is going to lose weight because she went on a diet.

“I want to ask her how her diet is going and congratulate her for putting on such a beautiful show, which shows everyone's health.”

The Morenista asked for the floor to ask that Téllez's participation be removed from the Diario de los Debates “who messes with my physique, my decisions and my body.”

The PAN senator reversed:

“I did not interfere with your private life, you published it, you have a reality show through Instagram, which is a public network, inviting people to follow you so they can see how you lose weight. I congratulate you with all my heart. “How many kilos did you lose?”


The different parliamentary groups in Congress seem more concerned with taking political advantage of the natural disaster in Guerrero than with helping the victims.

In San Lázaro there was a hullabaloo around the proposal to include in the 2024 Budget an aid fund labeled to help the affected municipalities of Otis.

The tension rose. Deputies from Morena and the opposition almost came to blows. There was no way for the ruling party to disobey the presidential instruction to “not move a single comma” to the 2024 Budget. It was content with approving a reserve that “guarantees” Acapulco 15 percent of the oil remnants.


Omar Niño is a journalist from Potosí who is very critical of the governor of that state, Ricardo Gallardo, who we have seen more than once in the mornings.

The exercise of his freedom of expression has him on the verge of being prosecuted for sexual harassment! Today is the hearing.

We had access to an SOS message that world and that is worrying. I transcribe:

“The (SLP) government uses all its power to arrest me and inside prison my life is in great danger. I have my hearing to join the process on Thursday (today). It is an unprecedented fact: the person who sues me for sexual harassment is the government official who beat me…

“I will ask for political asylum in the United States and I will go on a hunger strike while chained in the National Palace. My only sin is telling the truth.”


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