Legislative commission accuses Bolsonaro of coup attempt | News

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Senator Eliziane Gama, who heads the parliamentary commission investigating the violent acts of January 8 in Brasilia, capital of Brazil, exposed in her final report the accusation of former president Jair Bolsonaro as the intellectual author of the attacks on state institutions.


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The document, which also accuses the Army of “omission” and 61 other people, indicates that the former president knew of the coup attempts of many of his followers concentrated around the Plaza de los Tres Poderes.

"They understood the violence and scope of the demonstrations. They frequented the same groups on social networks. They stimulated and fueled rebellion and satisfaction. They deliberately added fuel to the fire that they had lit," he says.

Likewise, they affirm that the attacks by Bolsonaro, his allies and followers "on the ministers of the Federal Supreme Court sought, at all times, to weaken the systems of control of constitutionality and defense of democracy", as well as "the attacks against the press".

In this sense, Gama proposes that the former president be accused of a total of four crimes: association to commit a crime, attempt to violently abolish the rule of law, attempt to overthrow a legitimately elected government and use of measures to prevent the free exercise of political rights. .

Meanwhile, the conclusion of the report indicates that "January 8 is not over yet": "digital militias remain active and operational"; "important parts of the public security forces continue to be captured by Bolsonarism"; "sectors of the Armed Forces continue flirting with authoritarianism"; "the dismantling of arms and ammunition control is a legacy that will take some time to overcome."

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