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The Venezuelan politician and military man, Ezequiel Zamora, is remembered in his country as one of the most staunch fighters for the defense of the rights of the people, mainly the peasant.


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He was known as the “General of the Sovereign People”, standing out in various battles, including the victory in the Battle of Santa Inés in 1859, during the Federal War (1859-1863).

One of his most remembered phrases is “free land and men”, reiterating the importance of working together to obtain the freedom of an oppressed people.

Legacy of Ezequiel Zamora

During his life, Zamora promoted his ideal of giving greater importance to the people, of listening to what they think and thus concentrating the necessary efforts to achieve the well-being of the country.

He also called for a fair distribution of land for the humble population, rejecting any attempt to seek social exclusion.

As part of his fight for freedom and democracy, Zamora expressed at the time that work should be done to achieve “a glorious country, a great State based on the distribution of land, the suppression of contributions, total democracy, provide a happy situation to the poor and general instruction “.