Learn about the definitive method to remove scratches from your phone screen without spending money

Here is the ultimate method for remove scratches from your phone screen! This trick will allow you save money and restore the appearance of your device. However, keep in mind that it only works on relatively superficial scratches, as deeper damage may require professional intervention.

What you will need for this method is a simple eraser. Yes, you heard right, an ordinary eraser that can be found in any stationery store. The eraser will act in two important ways in this process. Firstly, it will help to soften the eraser itself, and secondly, it will fill in any scratches present on the screen.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Turn off your phone and make sure the screen is clean of dust and dirt. This will prevent any particles from doing further damage during the process.

2. Take the eraser and gently rub it over all the scratched areas on your mobile screen. The goal here is to apply gentle, steady pressure to soften the eraser and allow the components to work on the scratches.

3. After rubbing the screen with the eraser, take a clean and soft microfiber cloth. Use it to rub the screen in gentle, circular motionswithout applying too much pressure. This will help remove any eraser residue and polish the screen.

4. Turn on your phone and check if the scratches have diminished. You may notice a significant improvement in the appearance of the screen. Repeat steps 2 and 3 if there are still visible scratches, but remember not to press too hard.

It is important to note that this method does not work in all cases, especially if the scratches are deep or the screen is severely damaged. In such situations, it is advisable to seek professional help or consider replacing the screen entirely.

Remember that prevention is key to keeping your screen in good condition. Use screen protectors and covers to prevent future scratches. I hope this trick is useful for you and that you can enjoy a scratch-free screen on your mobile phone!

never use toothpaste

It is important to highlight that, despite what you can find on some internet sites, it is not recommended to use toothpaste on the screen of your phone to remove a scratch. Although it has been mentioned as a home remedy, toothpaste is not suitable for this purpose and may cause more harm than good.

Toothpaste contains abrasive substances and is an alkaline substance. By applying it to the screen, you can remove the protective and anti-reflective layer that is usually found on the surface of the screen of smartphones.. This layer is essential to protect the screen from substances such as oil from fingers and other contaminants. Therefore, the use of toothpaste can permanently weaken or damage this protective layer, leaving the screen more susceptible to future damage and affecting visual quality.

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