Leagues Cup: Philadelphia Union thrashes Rayados and takes third place | Video

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He Philadelphia Union beat this Saturday 3-0 at the Rayados del Monterreyto take third place in the Leagues Cup and confirm Mexico's failure in the tournament.

the venezuelan good jesusthe danish Michael Uhre and Alejandro Bedoya they scored for the Union, who beat a Monterrey that they lined up with substitutes.

With the fall of the Rayados, the three best teams in the 2023 Leagues Cup will be from the MLS, since later the inter miami of Lionel Messi and the Nasville SC will be measured by title.

only the Monterey and the Queretaro They were classified among the eight best in the championship, which has received criticism from fans and local media that attacked the managers for allowing unfavorable conditions for the Liga MX teams in exchange for the dollars that the tournament granted them.

Among the measures against the Mexicans were that it was only played in MLS stadiums, which caused the tricolors to accumulate thousands of kilometers of travel and some arbitration decisions that, according to the media, harmed them.

This Saturday Union took advantage of his first arrival of the game to get ahead on the scoreboard. Bueno scored the fastest goal so far in the Leagues Cup when with 33 seconds left he took advantage of a rebound off the post to make it 1-0 from his left foot.

The Rayados did not react and Philadelphia claimed their passivity when Jack McGlynn put a filtered pass at 45+2 from Mikael Uhre, who crossed the ball to goalkeeper Luis Cárdenas for the 2-0 score.

In the second half, the Americans tried to increase their lead and they did so at 69'. Chris Donovan headed a ball that Cárdenas parried, but the ball stayed in the box for Alejandro Bedoya to make it 3-0.

(With information from EFE)

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