Lawyer for "El Chapo" Guzmán and Emma Coronel, Mariel Colón, launches as a regional Mexican singer

One of the lawyers best known by the Hispanic public is Mariel Colon, legal defender of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán and his wife, Emma Coronel. The same as she has left many with their jaws on the floor by announcing that launches as a singer of the regional Mexican genre.

the academic Mariel Colon, who rose to fame for being The woman who defended El Chapo Guzmán and Emma Coronel in federal courts launches her first single called “La Abogado”. This in conjunction with a photo series where she looks very pretty. The same fact that has earned him several compliments on social networks.

“Whoever knows me knows that since I was little I wanted to be a singer, it is a subject that I was passionate about. I was always postponing many things, many stages in my life to finish my professional career as a lawyer”, said Mariel Colon who also recorded the video clip of the song from the same podium in which defended El Chapo Guzmán and Emma Coronel.

For Mariel Colon It is also an opportunity to tell many that it is never too late to fulfill your dreams. Consider that even if life leads many to live on something else, it is always good to go back and resume what we like so much. “I think I can do both," says the lawyer.

El Chapo's lawyer says she does not plan to retire from her litigation profession and that the doors of his prestigious office The Law Offices of Mariel Colon Miro, PLLC will continue to be open. For Colón now both facets are part of his life and he does not intend to give up any of them.

Mariel Colón dreams high in the Mexican regional

The lawyer says she would love to do a duet with Christian Nodalwho by the way is nominated in several categories for the next Lo Nuestro Award 2023.

It also says that his clients Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán and Emma Coronel received his theme. About the first he doesn't know if he's already heard it and about the second he says that he has received his support in this new musical path.

El Chapo's lawyer has music in her blood

Mariel Colon was born in Puerto Rico.. His father is a drummer and musical director. Since she was little, she was inclined towards art. She got to be on talent shows and she even sang with the Mania Group. However, her discipline led her to dedicate herself to her law studies. At the age of 24, she obtained a doctorate in criminology, also becoming famous for having defended Jeffrey Epstein.

From NY, city where the lawyer and singer resides, the musical influence has been great and this makes Mariel in constant search of sounds. More now that she does not plan to stop by opening a space from another trench in the entertainment industry.

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