Laura Zapata does not connect with her colleagues in 'Top Chef VIP' and they call her a villain

The conflicts between Laura Zapata and her colleagues in 'Top Chef VIP 2' continue and with the competition increasingly advanced, the tension is at its best, so some of the participants have vented in different ways, such was the case. in case of Sarah Corraleswho last Wednesday spoke about the experiences he has had in the competition.

But there was a moment in particular that caught the attention of both his colleagues and the public, since he referred to something that happened and that had nothing to do with cooking. “At the beginning of this project they wanted to make my colleagues think that I was someone that I was not, because they wanted to poison them by speaking ill of me”mentioned the Colombian actress.

This was in reference to problems he had with Laura Zapata, who by the way did not remain silent and responded on camera. "The truth I laugh, Because God put me on this path of exposing people with double bottoms"declared the Mexican.

Immediately, the followers of the Telemundo show protested against the Mexican, who not only had this incident recently, because last week she had a strong confrontation with Sebastian Villalobos.

After the expulsion of Jesús More, after which several of his colleagues intervened to say that they did not agree with the decision, since they considered the mistake that Laura made, of leaving a huge bone in her fish, more serious, things between her and Sebastian got very intense.

The situation escalated to its highest point when they teamed up in the next episode and he asked her to put their differences aside so he could get the job done, something with which she did not agree, who only replied that she had no education.

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