Laura Bozzo does not save anything and says what she thinks of Yailin "The Most Viral"

Laura Bozzo gives her opinion on Yailin 'The Most Viral'.

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Yailin 'The Most Viral' He has given a lot of what in recent weeks, especially since he has been seen with Tekashi 6ix9ine and after the "take and give me" in which she ended up accusing her ex, Anuel AA, of beating her when she was pregnant.

The young woman, only 21 years old, is currently well known for her controversies, so much so that even artists talk about her. Some days ago, Toni Costa said that he dreamed of her, of Anuel and of Tekashi, but now Laura Bozzo said what she thinks of the Dominican.

Yailin's artistic life began a couple of years ago in her native Dominican Republic dancing in the streets and performing in bars.. Since she was a teenager, she had been working making braids for a living.

Her life took a 180 degree turn when El Alfa discovered her and participated in one of his videos. She then began to be recognized in her country and at that height the Puerto Rican ragpicker Anuel AA came into her life, whom she married, has a four-month-old daughter and is in the legal process of divorce.

Laura Bozzo says what she thinks of Yailin "The Most Viral"

In a People en Español magazine Instagram post about who the artist was before her surgeries, fame, and controversy, the Peruvian television host reacted by commenting.

“My beloved Yailin 'La Más Viral', how proud you are, you are a true warrior who worked alone since she was little. Beautiful. God will always bless you."Bozzo wrote.

Screenshot on Instagram: peopleenespanol.

Laura's comment caught the attention of many users on the camera's social network who reacted with 'likes' and also giving their opinion.

"I love this comment our beloved Laurita"; “Not that you don't support women who mess with committed men, Mrs. Laura, I just remember how I grabbed Samira”; "You said that women who mess with committed men are pitiful"; "Thank you for those beautiful words to Yailin, Laura"; “Laura, that's right, it hurts whoever hurts Yailin alone she went ahead and alone is supporting her beautiful daughter. And despite the hatred that ignorant people have for her who still continue to swear that she broke Karol's relationship " and "Laura, we are going to take it to you so that it happens to the two wretches who do not care about their children, but other people's children do", are some of the comments that can be read in the publication.

Yailin is now a businesswoman

A few weeks ago, Yailin 'La Más Viral' launched hygiene products for babies named after her daughter Cattleya.

The Cattleya Babies brand that is inspired by the daughter of the interpreter of 'Solo Tú Y Yo' with Anuel AA It has: shampoo, bath gel, Vaseline, talc, moisturizing cream and baby oil.

According to the Dominican said in a recent interview on the program 'El Gordo y La Flaca', the products are selling “quite” since their launch.

The brand is currently available in the Dominican Republic and the United States and prices range between $8 and $15 dollars, there is also a kit with all the products that has a value of $75 dollars.

Is Anuel AA irresponsible with Cattleya?

In the middle of the tangana that broke out a week ago in the Instagram stories of Anuel AA, Tekashi 6ix9ine and Yailin 'La Más Viral', she accused her daughter's father of mistreating her when she was pregnant and of ignoring her when she wrote to him asking for money to buy nappies and milk for her daughter.

Regarding these accusations, the interpreter of 'Más Rica Que Ayer' says that the singer is lying and that she is allegedly trying to make him look bad before the authorities to keep him away from his daughter.

The rapper 6ix9ine, with whom Yailin has been working, and has only a "friendship" relationship with her, was the first to insinuate that Anuel is not responsible for the girl after he showed a photograph of the little girl's face, without authorization from Mother.

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