Laura Acuña used artificial intelligence to show what she looked like in the 90s

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Presenter Laura Acuña joined the trend of the yearbook challenge generated with AI - credit Esteban Buitrago

Few presenters have a name with as much recognition among the public as Laura Acuna. His time through programs like Happy Saturdays, Day to day, RCN news, The voice either Very good days They made her a well-known face, which is represented in her four million followers on Instagram.

The Bumanguesa presenter has taken advantage of her fame to venture into film, commercial modeling or social networks, in which she has earned a significant amount, as well as her YouTube channel, in which she has more than 126 thousand followers.

As an expert in the world of networks, the celebrity has joined several of the most followed trends of the moment by Internet users. That's what she did with the application that allows a artificial intelligence Create eight to ten images of possible styles they would have had in high school.

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The fashions that the AI ​​places and the yearbook background in the shots are very classic from the 1990s, which is the time Acuña was in high school.

“According to AI traveling to the 90's, this would be me. What do they say? I look like? Which version do you stick with? There really is one where I look a lot alike,” the Santander native wrote in the description of the post.

One of the comments that caught the most attention was that of a follower, who said: “I met her in El Pilar and she looks more like photo 5″, referring to the school where Laura Acuña studied in her younger years and pointing out the shot in which the famous woman is seen wearing a cheerleader uniform and a ponytail in her hair.

The reaction left Laura Acuña stunned, who decided to respond with a surprised emoji.

Laura Acuña used artificial intelligence to look younger - credit @lauraacunaayala/Instagram
Laura Acuña used artificial intelligence to look younger - credit @lauraacunaayala/Instagram

The others outfits that she became with the support of technology were that of a rocker, a boarding school student and a stylish teenager.

Just talking about her past or previous times in Laura Acuña's life, the presenter invited Diva Jessurum to her talk show, in which they had a pleasant dialogue, in part, because they have known each other for more than a decade.

In fact, the Barranquilla woman was one of her first bosses. Precisely, she remembered the moment they met. “When she arrived she had her face washed, her blouse was skeletonized and she swallowed that casting and she passed it without a problem,” she commented, adding how curious it was that she was her first role in front of the cameras in Out of place. “I had to talk about sports, I was the one who didn't know anything about football”he indicated.

Diva Jessurum, Colombian presenter, was one of Laura Acuña's first bosses - credit @divajessurum/Instagram
Diva Jessurum, Colombian presenter, was one of Laura Acuña's first bosses - credit @divajessurum/Instagram

Already uncomfortable covering a source that she was not passionate about, she ran to look for the director of the RCN newscast, until he found him and asked for a chance, she recalled in conversations with her former superior. “He told me that he had openings only for entertainment. They gave me a promise to read, I arrived in jeans, tennis shoes and a blouse, I didn't even have any clothes,” she added.

Once the audition was done, Laura was forced to repeat it to convince the production team. Diva spoke about that situation.

“Later I found out that that was not the case, that it was to get out of trouble with me and I had to repeat it,” said Laura Acuña in the conversation with Jessurum, who later added: “She was divine, she did it as if her whole life had been been there, it was safe, relaxed, calm and within half an hour the decision was made.”

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