Latin Xpressions kicked off Hispanic Heritage Month

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With the attendance of a select audience, including the mayor of Washington DC, Muriel Bowser, and the judge of the Supreme Court of Justice, Sonia Sotomayor, the Latin Xpressions exhibition opened at the Hotel Ven on September 14. The Exhibition was curated by Artist Héctor J. Torres.

This exhibition, although not exhaustive, is the representation of Latino/Latinx artistic expression; presents works with different points of view, perspectives and artistic and creative efforts from the minds and brushes of five Latinx artists working today.

Artist Héctor Torres said in his opening speech that the question of “What is Latin art?” often comes to mind, and trying to show, with a limited capacity, the eclectic and diverse manifestations of our creativity .

He continued: “Represented here are artists/art practitioners who approach their work as a means of self-expression, creating social consciousness, applied arts and promoting “art for art’s sake.”

He mentioned that, simply put, each artist has a point of view, a vision of the world, a passion for creating, but, above all, a passion for sharing their vision.

Giving voice to these multiple visions presents a unique opportunity to show how culturally diversified we are as Latinos, Latinx or Hispanics.

“Although limited in scope, in this presentation we celebrate and welcome our rich diversity, and we amplify these voices, resulting in a beautiful tapestry of Latino expression. “I take this opportunity to thank these artists for their willingness to participate and commit to this process,” he said.

He also thanked Jennifer Goodman, Managing Director of The Ven at Embassy Row Hotel Gallery and her team, for their welcome and enthusiastic support of the exhibition and for all attendees for joining in the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month and Latino Expressions!

The Ven Hotel: 2015 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036

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