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Energoatom denounces that a Russian patrol has arrested the director of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant

The company that manages Ukraine’s nuclear power plants, Energoatom, has denounced this Saturday that the director of the Zaporizhia plant, controlled by Russian troops, was arrested on Friday by a Russian military patrol and taken to an unspecified place.

Igor Murashov, according to Energoatom’s complaint, was arrested around four in the afternoon (one hour less in mainland Spain) by a Russian patrol when he was driving from the plant to the neighboring city of Energodar. “He was taken out of his car and, blindfolded, was taken in an unknown direction,” says the company in a statement posted on its Telegram account and signed by the company’s president, Petro Kotin. “Since then, there has been no information about him,” he adds.

The company denounces that Murashov is the head of the plant’s security and that “his arrest by the racist Russians puts the operational security” of the plant at risk. Therefore, it demands that the “Russian racists who are in the Zaporizhia plant and the Rosatom staff [la empresa atómica rusa]who are also illegally in the Ukrainian facility, immediately stop their acts of nuclear terrorism towards the management and staff of the plant, release the director of the plant and let him return to his responsibilities”.

The Zaporizhia plant, the largest in Europe, with six reactors, has been controlled by the Russian army since March, although it continues to be operated on a day-to-day basis by Ukrainian technicians. The plant has been the scene of attacks and bombings that have posed a high risk of an atomic accident and for which the Russians and Ukrainians blame each other. It has had to be disconnected several times as the power lines that keep it running were affected, although no atomic leak has been recorded.

A team of experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency, dependent on the UN, visited the plant in September and two of its members stayed there permanently. The director of the IAEA, Rafael Grossi, negotiates with both parties to achieve the demilitarization of the area. Therefore, Energotamo, in its statement, asks Grossi and the World Association of Nuclear Operators to act for the release of the director of Zaporizhia. (Reuters / THE COUNTRY)