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Zelensky condemns Amnesty International report that “helps Russian terrorists”

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, has harshly criticized Amnesty International for a report published by the NGO criticizing the Ukrainian army’s use of civilian sites to launch attacks. Zelenski says that the report “amnesty to the terrorists”, which is intolerable.

In his daily video, Zelensky comments on the “completely different” report published by AI, which “unfortunately tries to amnesty the terrorist state and shifts responsibility from the aggressor to the victim”. “There are not, nor can there be, not even hypothetically, circumstances in which any Russian attack can be justified,” Zelensky claims. “The aggression against our country is unprovoked, invasive and, frankly, terrorist,” says Zelenskiy, “and if someone prepares a report that somehow puts the victim and the aggressor on the same level, if you analyze some data of the victim while ignoring what the aggressor does, then that cannot be tolerated”.

Zelensky then lists some of the atrocities committed by Russian troops: 200 religious buildings destroyed, dozens of universities, hundreds of schools and kindergartens… “The occupiers repeatedly and deliberately fire rockets and mortars at people queuing for water, at evacuation buses [de civiles], to public transport stops. They do not stop even at the memorials of the victims of the Holocaust, at the cemeteries, or at the Olenivka prisoner of war camp. For some reason, there are no reports on that. It is an immoral way of selecting”, he denounces. He believes that these types of reports that “amnesty Russia” and “artificially” justify their attacks “help the terrorists”. “And if those manipulative reports are made, you share the responsibility for the dead with them.”

Finally, the Ukrainian president charges in his message, without citing any, against the EU countries that are delaying the sending of 8,000 million euros in financial aid to Ukraine, a blockade that he considers “either an error or a crime, and it is difficult to say which is worse in a large-scale war situation.” “Every day I remind some EU leaders that Ukrainian pensioners, the displaced, our teachers and other people who depend on public budgets cannot be held hostage by their indecisiveness or bureaucracy,” he says. “I don’t want to mention which European country is delaying it. Let us think that it is a mistake and that it will be corrected”, he concludes.

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