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Canada and Germany say Putin has failed to divide European allies

The foreign ministers of Canada, Mélanie Joly, and of Germany, Annalena Baerbock, accused Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday of trying to divide NATO allies over energy supplies, but added that the leader Russian has failed.

Joly and Baerbock met this Wednesday in Montreal (Canada) to talk about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and its consequences on the supply of energy and food, among other topics.

Following the meeting, the two ministers held a press conference criticizing Russia’s actions and defending Ottawa’s controversial decision to allow the export of a turbine destined for the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, which supplies Russian natural gas to Germany. Baerbock thanked Canada for the decision to allow the piece to come out.

The lack of that turbine, which had to be sent to Canada for repairs, has been Moscow’s excuse for reducing the flow of gas through Nord Stream 1 to just 20% of its capacity. After leaving Canada, the piece is in Germany, according to Berlin, ready to be installed again in a pumping station of the gas pipeline. But Russia continues to say that Western sanctions prevent the turbine from returning to Russia.

Asked by journalists, Baerbock said that Putin tried to divide the Western allies but now the whole world can clearly see that the Russian president is using energy as a weapon. “Our best weapon is the unity of this alliance. And we have shown that there is no chance that Putin can divide us,” he added.

For his part, Joly acknowledged that the decision to allow the return of the turbine to Europe was difficult and that the Canadian government only accepted after numerous consultations with its European allies and Ukraine. “We know that Putin is waging a hybrid war that is affecting millions of Ukrainians and at the same time using his economic power to put pressure on the whole world, including Europe. Putin was trying to create divisions in the alliance and the G-7”, explained Joly. “It is clear that Putin is using energy flows to Europe as a weapon,” he concluded. (EFE)

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