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Zelenski: “Now we are better understood and the world gives us more and more support”

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky criticized Russian troops by drawing a comparison to hostilities in 2014 saying that β€œthe occupiers thought they were going to the Ukraine of 2014/15 which they corrupted and did not fear. But now we are different and it has allowed us to defend ourselves against a large-scale attack for 22 days. We have done it for several years for our defense and with our tactics that cannot be revealed while the war continues, ”he said in his evening address.

On the peace talks with Russia, Zelensky refused to reveal the point at which the negotiations are, saying that he believes that “it is better to work in silence than on television, radio or Facebook.”

According to the president, who spoke after midnight, Ukraine is now “understood better” after having spoken with French President Emmanuel Macron, US President Joe Biden, and before the German parliament. β€œI feel that now we are being understood better, in Europe, in the world, in different countries, and they give us more and more support. The one we’ve been asking for,” he noted.

Zelensky, who spoke in the German parliament on Thursday, said he spoke “not only as president, but as a Ukrainian, as a citizen, as a European, as someone who has felt for many years that the German state is behind us, an invisible wall. but stronger. We saw how, for decades, Germany fought for its economy, for new Russian gas pipelines and old European dreams. Dreams of some cooperation that Russia did not take seriously for a long time.” The Ukrainian president said that he thought that the opinions of the Germans are changing. β€œWe see that Germany is looking for a new path. We see how sincerely the majority of Germans support the revision of the old policy. We see that Chancellor Olaf Scholz has a great opportunity and a great mission to give Germany renewed leadership.”

Photo: Volodymyr Zelensky during his speech on Thursday night / Presidency of Ukraine / Getty

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