Last minute of the war in Ukraine, live | Borrell criticizes the “falsified results” of the “illegal” referendums on annexation to Russia | International

The US will propose a resolution in the Security Council to condemn the referendums in the occupied provinces of Ukraine

The US is preparing a resolution for the United Nations Security Council in which it calls on the member states of the organization not to recognize any territorial change in Ukraine, after the holding of illegal annexation referendums in four regions partially occupied by Russia. As expected, according to Moscow, the consultations have yielded overwhelming majorities in favor of integration in Russia, which will be debated in Parliament on October 4.

Given the holding of these referendums, which a large part of the international community has branded as a “farce”, the US announced this Wednesday morning that it will promote a resolution in the Security Council, the highest body of the UN, to condemn the votes and to ask member states not to recognize their results, according to the US ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield. “If accepted, Russia’s sham referendums will open a Pandora’s box that we will not be able to close,” she told a Council meeting devoted to the conflict in Ukraine.

As the ambassador has written on Twitter, the US will propose a resolution with three points: The first “condemn the farce referendums in Russia.” Second, “calling on the Member States [del Consejo] not to recognize any alteration of the status of Ukraine”. And “force Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine.”

There is not much chance that the resolution will succeed, since Russia is one of the five permanent members of the Security Council and, in all probability, will veto a resolution with that content, as it has done with all similar proposals since the beginning of the invasion on February 24. Thomas-Greenfield, aware of this, has said that, nevertheless, he will give the US the opportunity to take the matter to the UN General Assembly.

Faced with criticism of the referendums, Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations, Vasili Nebenzia, defended at the meeting that they have been held in a transparent manner and in line with electoral rules. “This process is going to continue if kyiv does not recognize its mistakes and strategic mistakes and does not start to be guided by the interests of its own people and blindly being carried away by the will of others who are playing with them”, he stated. (Reuters / THE COUNTRY)