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Christian Lindner, German Finance Minister: “Ukraine needs heavy weapons”

The leader of the German Liberals and Finance Minister, Christian Lindner, stressed this Saturday the need to supply heavy weapons to Ukraine, while defending the management of the Social Democratic Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, criticized for his reservations in this regard. “Ukraine needs military aid and, in order to win, also heavy weapons,” Lindner declared in his speech during the first congress of the Liberals since they are partners of the tripartite government, connected by video from Washington, where he is quarantined by covid.

The president of the Liberal Party (FDP) rejected the widespread criticism of the chancellor and assured that “Olaf Scholz is a responsible leader who weighs carefully and makes decisions on this basis.” “It is a serious situation in which as liberal democrats we have to clearly underline that the chancellor has the confidence of the FDP and his parliamentary group in the Bundestag,” he said.

Alluding to the conservative opposition, he pointed out that in times of war in Europe, partisan maneuvers and attempts to destabilize are inadmissible, and pointed out the importance of having an operational government “that makes the necessary decisions” for the country . In an interview published by the weekly Der SpiegelYesterday, Scholz justified his reservation regarding the shipment of heavy weapons to Ukraine with the argument that it is necessary to avoid “an escalation that leads to a third world war” and an atomic war.

Lindner has pointed out that Ukraine has also been attacked by Russia for deciding in favor of European values, “the open societies of Europe and liberal democracies, and against the closed and authoritarian society” of Russian President Vladimir Putin. kyiv has made a “clear decision to move towards a fairer, free-market system” and “move away from the oligarchic system that Putin’s Russia represents,” she added.

Ukraine deserves “double solidarity”: humanitarian, because of the suffering it is experiencing, but also political, “because Ukraine is also fighting for the values ​​that are important to us,” he said. “That is why Ukraine must win this war, and Ukraine will win this war, because anything else would be an invitation to repeat it,” she said. (Eph)

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