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Ukraine says its victory in the war is "a matter of time" after retaking Kherson

Ukraine's Foreign Minister, Dmitro Kuleba, stated this Saturday that the "liberation" of the city of Kherson by the Ukrainian Army is added to other battles won by his country and that victory against the Russian invaders is only "a matter of time." ”.

This is how Kuleba expressed himself at a press conference in the Cambodian capital, where he is a special guest at the summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), which he has asked to condemn Russia. “In our defensive war against the enemy Ukraine will win, it is a matter of time (...) Every inch of Ukraine will be liberated," Kuleba said at Phnom Penh's Sokha hotel where meetings of ASEAN leaders and their external partners, including the United States, Russia and China, take place.

Kuleba justified his optimism in the victories that the Ukrainian forces have had in different battles, such as in kyiv, in the occupied areas of the northeast of the country and in the Kherson region.

Likewise, the minister also denounced the Russian Army for torturing and murdering civilians and attacking infrastructures not for military reasons but to harm the population. In this regard, he appealed to the international community, including Southeast Asian countries, to deliver transformers, generators and parts to Ukraine to help repair the electrical infrastructure, which is needed in the dead of winter in Ukraine.

In Phnom Penh, Kuleba has signed a Treaty of Cooperation and Friendship with ASEAN and has met with his counterparts from Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam.

The minister thanked ASEAN for supporting Ukraine and asked it to condemn the Russian aggression against Ukraine, since "it is not only an attack on the sovereignty of a sovereign country, but an attack on the Charter of the United Nations." The head of Ukrainian diplomacy ventured that Asian countries "do not want Russia's pattern of behavior with the use of force, violation of borders and massacres against the civilian population to be repeated in Asia."

The Ukrainian minister ruled out a meeting with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, who was also attending the summit, but said he is open to one if Russia is "sincere" in negotiating. But he regretted that the Russian authorities demand "total surrender without conditions", which he described as unacceptable for Ukraine, and recalled that Russian President Vladimir Putin has refused to sit down to negotiate with his Ukrainian counterpart. .

Kuleba appealed to all countries and warned that it is not about the invasion of Ukraine but whether "big countries have the right to invade small countries." (EFE)

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