Larry Hernández wore dental floss! in front of Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme and some fans

Eduin Caz and some other members of Firm Group they are having a great time after the three sold-out concerts they gave at the Mexico City. The exponents of regional mexican they are in Hawaiian beaches and they had a luxury guest. Own Larry Hernández, who wore a dental floss! in front of some fans who came to say hello.

Although it may not seem true, it is. Larry Hernandez, Eduin Cazmembers of Firm Group and their wives ran into some fans in hawaii. Between photo and jokes, Larry ended up with his panties down but, to the surprise of many, he was wearing a dental floss thong that exposed his rear. Of course, it’s all about the good vibes of celebrities and their excellent good humor. They also made it clear that they are artists at all costs for the treatment they gave their fans in exchange for seeing them laugh.

Precisely because of that goodness that it has in particular Eduin Caz to the public of Firm Group had to run away from a beach in Mexico. The vocalist was with his wife, Daisy Anahy and their two young children. Minutes before she had been from a truck taking photos and signing autographs. Back at the house where they were staying, she agreed to open the door to several of her fans, but the situation became uncontrollable and they had to literally run away.

Same situation that was repeated in hawaii in a much more controlled way. Despite the fans close, Eduin Caz and Larry Hernandez Together with the whole group with whom he is having fun, they took short breaks to please them with photos and, in the case of Larry, “Give it all for everything”. There is no doubt that Chiquis Rivera’s friend is one of the funniest and most likeable in the Hispanic entertainment industry.

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