Lalo Spain launches against people who ask for money and do not pay

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The renowned comedian and actor Lalo España has not hidden his displeasure at a situation that affects the wallets of many Mexicans. Through your account Twitter, now renamed X, the comedian expressed his anger against those people who, presenting themselves as your friends, request financial loans and then disappear without paying the debt. His comment has resonated with his followers, generating a wave of responses and related anecdotes.

“It is a lack of respect and conscience for someone to borrow money and then disappear or avoid paying,” he wrote on the social network. Although Spain did not share a direct personal experience, his comment emerged as a reflection of a broader problem that many have experienced.

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Those people who ask to borrow money, never pay, act stupid, show up to ask for favors and if you don't immediately answer their messages, they get offended, indignant and delete their requests, are very bad. Others ask, disappear from your life and upload photos showing off trips to Europe. A lot of unconsciousness and inconsideration. They are called abuses. You have to know how to name things. When you set limits they say that you've already gone too far, that you're a sucker, etc. If I don't say it I'll explode," he wrote.

Among the responses, some users shared their personal misadventures with evasive debtors. Jesús Alan García, with the user @chemo_alan, mentioned: “this is how it happens, an acquaintance disappeared and no longer paid me.” Similarly, Pepe Pérez (@JosePerezFranco) urged caution: “Strong to no longer lend!!!”.

The comment chain reveals a common feeling around this bad financial habit. Some even shared the irony that when trying to collect the money borrowed, the creditor ends up being seen as the "bad guy" in the story, as noted by user Rayo62 with his comment: “And when you collect them they get offended!!! And you end up being the “bad guy” and the son of Chi… with all due respect (as Doña Margara says).”

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This chain of responses on the social network not only shows the frustration of many in this situation, but also the need for financial awareness and responsibility. While some chose to share the golden rule of “DON'T LEND MONEY” as suggested by Norma M. Lazcano (@naliciaml), others like Gerardo Ayala (@Jgerardoayala) proposed a more altruistic perspective: “Don't lend, help and forget, don't worry.” charge of negative energy.”

Lalo España, with his comment, has struck a chord in a community that seeks equity and responsibility in economic relationships between friends. His tweet served as a platform for many to express his frustration and share his experiences on a topic that, although everyday, requires greater reflection and ethics.

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