Lady Gaga will not have to pay the reward to the woman who returned her stolen dogs

A judge determined that the New York singer should not pay the reward, since the beneficiary is being investigated for her complicity in the crime.

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In 2021, Lady Gaga suffered the theft of two of her three French bulldogs, when a group of armed men shot her walker Ryan Fischer and later took the two dogs, some time later the singer was able to recover them when Jennifer McBride He handed them over to a police station.

However, the interpreter of 'Born This Way' had offered a reward of half a million dollars to whoever helped her reunite with her beloved pets and when she did not receive said money, the woman chose to sue the New Yorker, asking for a million extra dollars for allegedly offering a “misleading reward.”

However, some time later it came to light that McBride was related to one of those responsible for the kidnapping of the canines, so she has a pending case since she was also accused of theft and complicity in the attempted murder of the dog walker.

That is why the judge who is handling the lawsuit for the reward that the young woman filed against Lady Gaga, considered that there was an important problem in her approach, since she is being investigated for the commission of the crime, although she denies that she was aware that the dogs they gave her were stolen.

From this resolution, Jennifer McBride and her lawyers will have 20 days to try to amend the complaint, but it seems difficult for a different ruling to be reached, since she will continue as a defendant.

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