Labor Party wins UK local elections | News


British Labor won a moderate victory in the local elections against the defeat of the Conservatives, especially catastrophic in London and more limited in England, Scotland and Wales.


Local elections held in Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The Labor Party swept the British capital but made little headway in the rest of the country and part of its losses went to the Liberals. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s forces resisted at the so-called “red wall”, but lost territory in the rich southeast of the country.

Liberal Democrats and Greens made progress at the expense of the two main parties. Local media polls estimate that if there were to be an election this Friday, Labor would have 35 percent of the vote, the Conservatives 30 percent, the Liberal Democrats 19 percent and other parties 16 percent.

On the other hand, the projections gave the Sinn Féin party as the winner in the first victory of the nationalist party over the unionists in a century in the Northern Ireland Assembly. With 24 of the 90 seats awarded, Sin Féin took 16, against two from the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and others from the Alliance Party, a third alternative force.

Johnson tried to dismiss the defeat: “The results are mixed. We’ve had a rough night in some parts of England but, in others, we Conservatives have moved on and made significant improvements in places that haven’t voted for us for a long time or even never.”

The British capital showed that it is different from the rest of the nation. Labor already dominated, but they reached three landmark constituencies this time.

Surprisingly and for the first time since its creation in 1964 Westminister, representative of wealth and opulence, as well as in Barnet, a neighborhood with a large Jewish population, voted for the Conservatives last week in a sign of punishment against anti-Semitism.

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