La Vuelta 2023: Lennard Kamna wins Stage 9 | Video

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The German Lennard Kamna (Bora Hansgrohe) He joined the club of winners in the big three by win alone in the ninth stage of The Vuelta 2023 disputed between Cartagena and the Collado de la Cruz de Caravacaof 184.5 kilometers, atypical day that kept the American Sepp Kuss (Jumbo Visma) of leader.

Kamna (Wedel, 26 years old), with victories in the Tour de France (Villard de Lans) and the Giro d'Italia (Etna)closed the magical trilogy in a sacred place, in Caravaca de la Cruz, On whose nearby hill he entered alone, demonstrating that he was the strongest in the final escape.

Although the times were taken 2 km from the finish line due to bad weather that never arrived, Kamna burst into the lead with half a minute over the Italian Matteo Sobrero (Jayco), the immediate pursuer. The favorites, grouped together, signed a draw at that anticipated point and dedicated themselves to finishing the stage without the slightest effort, at a walking pace.

Just Primoz Roglic (Jumbo Visma) He tried to take advantage of his shot to score a second. The Slovenian took 2 seconds of prizes. Kuss kept the red with 43 seconds over Marc Soler and 1.03 with respect to Lenny Martinez.

In the noble zone, Evenepoel is fourth, 5 seconds ahead of Mikel Landa and Roglic, while Vingegaard and Enric Mas 11 seconds left and Juan Ayuso to 21. The candidates will face the Valladolid time trial this Tuesday with minimal differences.

At the exit from Cartagena, in front of the Sea Wall, everyone's gaze was pointed towards the sky along the DANA. The ancient and glorious New Carthage During the Roman Empire, a storm was expected, but the clouds decided to wait for the discharge.

The storm was unleashed by Jumbo Visma at the first change. Some falls and the fans caused a leak with 6 of its components, including the leader Kuss, Roglic and Vingegaard. To them, attentive to the maneuver, he joined Evenepoel, and together, with some guests up to 12 units, they made their way to the confusion of the victims.

A flight of stars put the platoon in check. Everyone to chase. Movistar de Mas, Bahrain de Landa, UAE de Ayuso, Soler and Almeida, all against the ropes. A crazy stage that covered 54,363 km in the first hourhighest average in history in days of more than 1000 meters of elevation gain.

Twelve merciless men showed up at the Puerto Casas de la Marina la Perdiz (1st, 12.1 km at 5 percent, with 12 ramps), but the adventure ended in the first km of the climb after a good “warm up” from the UAE. With the fright in the body, the truce is signed between the favorites. The secondary actors, the hustlers of the platoon, enter the scene.

Far from the top the scene had already changed. A group of 8 rebels, among them 3 Spaniards, Rubén Fernández, Dani Navarro and Jon Barrenetxea, along with Gehbreigzabhier, Kämna, Sobrero, Hamilton and Caicedo They achieved takeoff and calm in the favorite groups after the supersonic departure.

Relative calm. Black sky, no rain on the way to Caravaca, but with gusts of hurricane wind. In a violent blast from Aeolus near Mula, a town of “Luisle” Sánchez and of Mo Katir, World runner-up athlete in the 5,000 meters, the fans once again spread panic. Evenepoel's Soudal set up the court protocol. This time he only caught Lenny Martínez and Poels.

The arreón cut the advantage of the escapees from 8 to 4 minutes, but there was no hunting operation. Jumbo decided to eliminate unnecessary efforts. and the promotion to the sixth unprecedented finish of the Vuelta remained. Due to road conditions and “to avoid risks”the organization decided on the fly that the times for the general classification would be taken 2.6 kilometers from the finish lineand also bonuses were eliminated.

Passing through Caravaca de la Cruz, presided over by the Basilica of Vera Cruz, 10 minutes from the finish line, the climb to Collado de la Cruz de Caravaca (2nd, 8.2 km at 5.5% / max 20%), an unprecedented port, with some ups and downs, very peculiar, newly paved area for the occasion. There it made the difference Lennard Kamna, iunstoppable when he decided to attack 5 km from the finish line.

The German was crowned in the Vuelta, oblivious to the atypical outcome that was happening behind. Roglic accelerated to gain two seconds at the end point of the stage. And there was no more fight or argument. Everyone delighted with “protecting cyclists”. DANA did not appear, but a light rain was enough to mutilate a stage that was originally interesting, and ended in disappointment.

This Monday the Vuelta will enjoy the first day of rest and the platoon will move to Valladolid, where activity returns on Tuesday with a 25.8 km time trial.

(With information from EFE)

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