La Opinion wins Gold Award as the best Hispanic newspaper

La Opinión wins Gold Award as the best Hispanic newspaper in the United States

In the 40th edition of the José Martí Media Awards of the National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP), the sister newspapers La Opinión, from Los Angeles and El Diario, from New York, won awards for the best Hispanic newspaper.

The newspaper La Opinión received the Gold award and El Diario received the Silver award. Additionally, La Raza de Chicago received four awards. All three publications are part of the ImpreMedia company.

The NAHP is one of the most influential Hispanic print and digital media organizations in the country. The awards are named in honor of the poet and writer José Martí, of Cuban origin, a prominent figure in Latin American literature.

La Opinión won another Gold award for the article in the Featured National/International Business section with the article “The first complaint before T-MEC is… from migrant women!”, by journalist Gardenia Mendoza. This is the story of how the agreement of the Mexico, United States, Canada Treaty (T-MEC) has not been followed for years.

In the Featured Community Service articles section, La Opinión won a Silver award for the article “Residents Affected by Aliso Canyon Gas Leak Oppose Site Expansion,” by reporter Jacqueline Garcia. This is the fight of residents and activists in opposition to the company SoCalGas expanding its storage capacity at the controversial Aliso Canyon site in the San Fernando Valley.

La Opinión also won a Gold award for the Outstanding Masthead Publication category and another Gold award in the Latin American/International Politics section. He also received two Silver awards for an Outstanding Entertainment article and Outstanding Section Design.

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Meanwhile, El Diario picked up awards in several categories, including two Gold Awards in the Entertainment, Food and Education sections.

He received two Silver awards in the National/International Business and Sports category. Additionally, it also received six Bronze awards in the Lifestyle, Special Section, Editorial Column, Local Politics Article, Front Page Design, and Community Photo sections.

Meanwhile, the Chicago weekly La Raza won four awards; one Gold and three Silver. The outstanding Gold award was in the Health category for the article “The arduous struggle of people with disabilities in times of Covid-19 in Chicago”, by reporter Belhú Sanabria.

The three Silver awards were in Entertainment with the articles “They celebrate Christmas with Mexican music from the colonial era”, by Irene Tostado. In Education with the article “Latino parents are concerned about the possible closure of preschool education programs in some organizations in Chicago,” and the third award-winning article in the Featured Series of Multiple Articles was, “They hold a vigil in La Villita in memory of Adam Toledo and They demand transparency in the investigation of his death”, both from Belhú Sanabria.

The awards took place in the city of Denver, Colorado from November 16 to 18 and included the participation of industry leaders, businesses and government representatives from the United States and Mexico.

Members had the opportunity to participate in workshops that explored best practices, research findings, advertising innovations, online strategies, business development, and ways to integrate new and social media.

Today the NAHP is the largest and most diverse media organization in the United States with 140 media organizations and 472 outlets. This represented a growth of 223% since 2020.