'La Güereja', María Elena Saldaña, sensed the death of Benito Castro

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Less than a month ago unfortunately Benito Castro diedwho worked for several years with María Elena Saldaña with the characters of Papiringo and La Güereja, respectively. Both actors came to create a good friendship and the actress recently remembered it.

In an interview with Yordi Rosado, María Elena Saldaña spoke about how she found out about the death of Benito Castro, who lost his life due to an accident when he fell from the stairs. The actress pointed out that she was doing a program with the famous man, who would be in charge of being her father in the new show.

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“Benito had not been working together for a long time or anything (…), Reynaldo López invited me to a program, I had already been playing the character of a medium for a while and I had already gone to propose it, but they told me no and So Reynaldo likes it and wants to make a program with that character. He invited me to a date to talk about the project and I spoke to Benito (…), he went to Morelos, he was already going with a writer and everything.”

After everything was arranged and the program was approved, the first day of recording arrived and the first person to be on set was Benito Castro. When María Elena Saldaña arrived, they told her that the actor had had an accident.

“The first scene was about Benito, he had a call at 8 in the morning and I had a call at 10, when I arrived Reynaldo received me and told me: 'Benito had an accident, it seems that he was already coming here, he fell, he hit, lost blood. 'He looks like he has some broken ribs, but I'm going to send people to see what it is.' I'm going to change, Reynaldo arrives and tells me that they are going to operate, that the ribs compromised the lung. I start to play, I do three scenes and in the third my phone is on the table, Reynaldo starts talking to me, they didn't want me to go to the dressing room."

The production of the program did everything so that The actress did not find out about Benito Castro's death while they were filming. Finally, when they finished recording, the producer gave him the sad news.

"I see a message, it's my sister, I pick up the phone and I don't read: 'Benito died', I just see: how are you?" and I answered: 'Benito fell' (...), until the scene ended, Reynaldo sat down and said to me: 'you know? What about me? And he: 'Benito died' and I remember that the only thing he said was that he couldn't be and I already knew it."

In the interview, the famous woman commented thatthat he sensed the death of Benito Castro and that he had been sad for a long time.

"I haven't talked about it, but I had some time before I thought, but I saw Benito as sad, it was something (...), that day I told Reynaldo that I already knew it, I sensed it."

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This is how La Güereja and Benito Castro met

Benito Castro and María Elena Saldaña They worked together for many years, but they achieved great popularity when they made the program La Güereja and something more, but few know how they met and the friendship between the two actors was born.

In an interview with Yordi Rosado, María Elena Saldaña remembered how she met Benito Castro, who played the role of papiringo.

“I met him (Benito Castro) because he came to play a character in Tenorio and when the hiring of Los Tenorios came, Paco Stanley called all the actors he was going to have in Tenorio, he didn't invite me, but Benito did. ”.

The actress commented that when she worked andOn the Paco Stanley program he also worked with Benito Castro playing his famous characters.

“Benito was on Paco's program and he put the artists on his program. It was good because I started doing shows and I left the program to do shows. I didn't work with him, in fact I worked with Benito. I would arrive at Mr. Stanley's offices and wait for the fax sheets to arrive and Benito would start memorizing and get to the XEW, we would rehearse and then it was their turn."

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