L1 of the Metro, before the end of the administration

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The head of Government, Marti Batresannounced yesterday that its administration has insisted to the Chinese company CRRC that it must maintain a sufficient pace of work to deliver the second tranche of renovation of the Metro Line 1 –whose work has not yet begun– before the end of this administration.

We are working with the Chinese company CRRC, obviously there is an insistence on our part that we have times that are much closer to the projected times so that before the end of this administration the section is finished,” he said in a conference in Batres.

There are fewer stations: the first section has 11 stations, here there are eight stations, and, on the other hand, all the previous experience from the first part of the work is already there, that is going to help us.”

Batres was asked if there will be no sanctions for the Asian firm for having delivered the first tranche seven months after the agreed date.

More than sanctions, we want the work to be done, for there to be results and for the citizens to be fulfilled; The most important thing is to have Line 1 renewed,” he responded.

Meanwhile, it was announced that Sunday's fire on the tracks of the Moctezuma de la Línea station was not due to a metal object that fell onto the tracks, but rather to the lack of insulation that had to be installed as part of the rehabilitation. said Guillermo Calderón, director of the Collective Transportation System (STC).

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Although the incident did not cause serious damage, the Chinese company CRRC had to correct the failure.

We originally thought it was a metal object on the road; The incident lasted a few minutes and at night the reviews and inspections were carried out, and a lack of insulation was identified in one of the fixings for some reason that could have caused a current leak and that small flame that appeared," he said in Press conference.

Calderón indicated that since the reopening last Sunday, there have been two incidents that have stopped the operation of Line 1 for a few minutes. The second was yesterday, due to the fall of a crutch on the tracks of the Merced station.

The Metro director added that the first operating figures show an increase of around 35% in passengers.

Meanwhile, users were confused by the service that has provisional terminals in Isabel la Católica, for descent, and in Pino Suárez, for ascent, as some did not know where to get off.


Clara Brugada, aspiring to coordinate the Morena Transformation Defense Committees in the city, shared yesterday on the social network

On the same platform she recalled that Daniel O' Neill, world champion of Frisbee Freestyle, was received a couple of times at UTOPÍA Tezontli when she was acting mayor of Iztapalapa.

In another tweet, Claudia Sheinbaum's work on cycling matters was highlighted: “We dream of a cycling city, a city that privileges and multiplies sustainable mobility. We recognize the great work of Dr. @Claudiashein.”

-Georgina Olson

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