Kylian Mbappé returns to the PSG squad

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The French striker kylian mbappe is the great novelty in the call for the psg for the duel against Toulouse this Saturday, corresponding to the second day of Ligue 1, after the attacker will be part of the discards of the entity until August 13, when he returned to training for the first team.

The Spanish coach, Luis Enrique Martinezdeclared about the return of the French striker.

I have seen Kylian perfect, as previously in the first training sessions, with a lot of desire, in very good spirits. Having a player of Kylian's category, I'm not going to tell you that I'm delighted, obviously, and not only what he brings to football, but what he brings in terms of his personality. We are talking about a world top class player.

Amid rumors about a possible departure to Real Madrid, Mbappé, who has spent almost a week with the first team after being ruled out, has returned to a PSG call-up, even pointing to starting.

It is a great joy for me. He is a world class player and for that I am very happy.

On July 21, Mbappé was left out of the Asian tour of the Parisian team due to his refusal to renew for another year, until 2025, the contract that binds him with the club until 2024.

Since then, he has not been part of the training sessions for Luis Enrique's team, who now calls him up for the club's second domestic commitment. And his sporting relationship with the brand new signing Ousmane Dembélé seems key.

Finally, Luis Enrique concluded:

The great players complement each other very well, I have no doubt. It is a very nice job, discovering the synergies, seeing who best suits our idea and what is its performance. We still need to strengthen this offensive line, because it is the line where we have had the least signings so far.

(With information from Europe Press)

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