Kuno Becker reveals that he will be a father for the first time and suspects it will be a girl

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Kuno Becker He is going through a great moment in his personal life, since In a few months he will become a father for the first time with his partner with whom she has been in a relationship for six years.

The famous man revealed this news in the interview he gave to Yordi Rosado, who asked him if it was true that his girlfriend was pregnant.

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“Yes, we are 14 weeks. I know she is a girl, I don't know why.”

In the talk, the actor repeated that he believes his baby will be a girl and pointed out that he feels nervous and has many doubts about his upcoming fatherhood.

“I want to break patterns, teach him the good things, the bad. I'm a little panicked, very happy, but I also know that I carry a tough genetic load and I want to break with that. The idea is to be a good dad, take care of her, I feel like she is a girl, I don't know why. It is a complicated process in which one as a man has many different thoughts that you did not know, it destabilizes you, it is nerves, what am I going to teach him, that he should not know, no, what can I tell him about our family?

Kuno Becker He expressed that he feels very happy to soon start a family next to his partner, but who has many doubts.

“It is a very happy moment, but a moment of saying now it's your turn and see how you do it.”

Kuno Becker talks about his girlfriend

In the interview, Kuno Becker also talked about his girlfriend, who he prefers to keep her identity private.

“I am happy, I am at a stage in my life in which I am about to have many incredible changes and I feel lucky to find a good love, who has been there for me, I have been there for her. We have been there for six years. She focuses me, advises me, measures me, accompanies me, I learn a lot from her. I respect her, I love her, I protect her, I'm wrong, she deserves a statue.”

He also said that his partner She was with him when he faced his drug addiction.

“She was super intelligent in the way she handled it, I put up with a lot, you hurt and we addicts hurt those around us.”

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